Fatty Acid Derived Monomers and Related Polymers Via Thiol-ene (Click) Additions



Thiol-ene additions of methyl 10-undecenoate, a castor oil derived renewable platform chemical, were studied with the goal of preparing a set of renewable monomers. Good to excellent yields were obtained for these solvent and initiator free thiol-ene additions. The resulting monomers were then polymerized using TBD as a catalyst, to linear as well as hyperbranched polyesters that also contain thio-ether linkages. All thus prepared polymers were fully characterized (NMR, GPC, DSC, and TGA) and the results of these investigations will be discussed within this contribution. The thermal analysis of these polymers revealed melting points in the range from 50 to 71 °C. Moreover, no significant weight loss was observed below 300 °C.

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