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Kinetic Control of Monomer Sequence Distribution in Living Anionic Copolymerisation



Sequence control in synthetic polymers is a subject that is sparsely reported with little research in the field of sequence control in chain growth polymerisation. We report herein preliminary investigations into anionic copolymerisation of diphenylethylene (DPE) and its derivatives with styrene. DPE is a monomer that will only copolymerise and can form alternating copolymers. However, by introducing electron donating or withdrawing substituents onto the phenyl rings of DPE it is possible to prepare new range of (alternating) copolymers and with careful choice of monomer combination and conditions, the kinetically controlled (simultaneous) copolymerisation of three or more monomers results in copolymers with a greater degree of monomer sequence control.

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