Formation of Structured Polygonal Nanoparticles by Phase-Separated Comb-Like Polymers



A simple approach using comb-like polymers that undergo nanophase separation between the polyester backbone and the stearoyl side chains is proposed for the preparation of structured non-spherical nanoparticles from a nanoemulsion. Depending on the degree of esterification of the OH groups of poly(glycerol adipate) differently ordered nanostructures is obtained. A perfect lamellar arrangement is obtained for polymers with a high degree of esterification and leads to spherical nanoparticles with an internal onion-like structure. However, when the degree of esterification is only 20 mol%, polygonal nanoparticles with an internal pseudo-hexagonal structure are obtained. The differences in the nanoparticle shapes are related to the volume fraction of the paraffinic pool.