• glutathione peroxidase mimics;
  • hyperbranched polymer catalysts;
  • multicatalytic sites;
  • poly-selenides and tellurides


A series of novel hyperbranched polyselenides and polytellurides with multiple catalytic sites at the branching units has been synthesized via the polycondensation of A2 + B3 monomers. The GPx-like activities of these polymer mimics were assessed and it was found that the polytellurides showed higher GPx-like activities than the corresponding polyselenides. Interestingly, the polymers with higher molecular weights and degree of branching (DB) showed higher GPx-like activities than the analogous lower molecular weight polymer. The enhancement in the catalytical activity of the hyperbranched polymers with increasing molecular weight affirmed the importance of the incorporation of multiple catalytic groups in the macromolecule which increases the local concentration of catalytic sites.