A Litmus-Type Colorimetric and Fluorometric Volatile Organic Compound Sensor Based on Inkjet-Printed Polydiacetylenes on Paper Substrates



Inkjet-printed paper-based volatile organic compound (VOC) sensor strips imaged with polydiacetylenes (PDAs) are developed. A microemulsion ink containing bisurethane-substituted diacetylene (DA) monomers, 4BCMU, was inkjet printed onto paper using a conventional inkjet office printer. UV irradiation of the printed image allowed fabrication of blue-colored poly-4BCMU on the paper and the polymer was found to display colorimetric responses to VOCs. Interestingly, a blue-to-yellow color change was observed when the strip was exposed to chloroform vapor, which was accompanied by the generation of green fluorescence. The principal component analysis plot of the color and fluorescence images of the VOC-exposed polymers allowed a more precise discrimination of VOC vapors.

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