• electrophoresis;
  • lymphoma;
  • mass spectrometry;
  • proteome;
  • proteomics


This review provides an overview on recent studies in the field of proteome analysis of lymphoma cells, and highlights the potentials of such studies for a better knowledge of drug effects at the molecular level. After giving general information on the field of proteome analysis of lymphoma cells, some characteristics of the strategies used during this analysis are pointed out, such as cell extraction strategies and affinity captures. Therefore, the issue of proteome analysis of lymphoma cells content will be covered with respect to those protein extracts that can be prepared in saline solutions, such as cytoplasm proteins, or that are associated with the cell membranes. The question of which kinds of information have been retrieved from lymphoma-cell proteomics is discussed on the basis of several examples—lymphoma cell-mapping studies and constitution of protein databases, and comparative proteome analysis studies of the modifications that result from a drug treatment. © 2004 Wiley Periodicals, Inc., Mass Spec Rev 24:455–468, 2005