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Contribution of mass spectrometry to assess quality of milk-based products



The vast knowledge of milk chemistry has been extensively used by the dairy manufacturing industry to develop and optimize the modern technology required to produce high-quality milk products to which we are accustomed. A thorough understanding of the chemistry of milk and its numerous components is essential for designing processing equipment and conditions needed for the manufacture and distribution of high-quality dairy products. Knowledge and application of milk chemistry is also indispensable for fractionating milk into its principal components for use as functional and nutritional ingredients by the food industry. For all these reasons, powerful analytical methods are required. Because of the complexity of the milk matrix, mass spectrometry, coupled or not to separation techniques, constitutes a key tool in this area. In the present manuscript, we review the contribution and potentialities of mass spectrometry-based techniques to assess quality of milk-based products. © 2005 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Mass Spec Rev 25:290–326, 2006