• Collagen;
  • Composite;
  • drug release;
  • Tragacanth;
  • viscoelastic


The kinetics of water penetration and pentoxifilline release from both Tragacanth gum and Tragacanth/Collagen matrices has been examined in pure deionised water. The rheological oscillatory measurements of their gel layer obtained by swelling of the imprinted pentoxifilline-filled polymer matrix with water have been performed. To qualify a polymer for application in drug formulation, appropriate gel stiffness is required. The aqueous solution of Tragacanth does not seem to acquire the actual strength that a hydrogel must retain for this purpose. Thus, along with Tragacanth, gelatin, CaCl2 and 1, 8 octandiamine curing agent were individually blended in a mixture with Tragacanth gum to improve the gel behavior and drug delivery of the system. The strength of the gel at the body temperature (37 °C) was studied using a cone and plate rheometer. It was found that gelatin could enhance the gel strength of Tragacanth by forming a porous composite. The drug release to an aqueous solution at room temperature was analyzed to be slower for a composite of 1:2 Tragacanth/Collagen.