Dielectric Properties of Hyperbranched Polyesteramide with Long Alkyl Chain End Groups



Summary: Hyperbranched polyesteramides were prepared using phethalic anhydride (Ph An) or maleic anhydride (M An) as an A2 monomer and diethanol amine (DEA) as B′B2 monomer. Bulk condensation technique was used to synthesize polymers with both OH and modified polymers with long alkyl chain end groups. The prepared polymers were characterized using 1H-NMR, FTIR and TGA. Solution viscosity for hyperbranched polyester amide with hydroxyl end groups was measured as well. Dielectric and electric properties of the modified samples were investigated over a range of frequency and temperatures. No relaxation peak is noticed in the dielectric spectrum ε(ν) at various temperatures. The illustration of the imaginary part of the electric modulus M″ versus frequency shows a peak which is shifted towards higher frequency in increasing temperature.