Development of Maleated Starches Using an Internal Mixer



Summary: Novel maleated starches (MSt) were prepared by chemical modification of cornstarch with maleic anhydride (MA), using an internal mixer as a reactor. Benzoyl peroxide (BPO) was chosen as initiator. Physico-chemical parameters were given by the process, recorded at different MA contents, under the same reaction conditions. Processing was carried out at 50 °C, 30 rpm for 8 min. Torque developed during processing was given by the digital display of the rheometer, and the total specific mechanical energy (SME) input was estimated. FTIR measurements confirmed the successful incorporation of MA into the starch backbone. X-ray diffractograms obtained for the products revealed disruption of the crystalline structure of native starch. The results indicated that the MA content had a significant effect on the characteristics of the resulting modified starches.