• biopolymers;
  • coating;
  • films;
  • food packaging;
  • mechanical properties;
  • water-vapor barrier


The use of essential oils (EO) as antifungal agents is an alternative to synthetic fungicides. In the present work, active packaging in the form of cellulosic films and paper coated with a cellulosic emulsion incorporated with 20% cinnamon, oregano or lemongrass EO was developed. The mechanical properties (maximum load-at-break and elongation at break), the water-vapor-barrier properties and the microscopic characterization of the packaging materials were evaluated. The EO added to the packages significantly affected the maximum load at break of the active films and their elongation at break. The EO incorporated in the films and coated paper did not affect the water-vapor barrier. However, this parameter was significantly modified when the uncoated paper and coated paper with and without EO were evaluated. The incorporation of EO altered the microstructures of the active films and coated paper.