• cellulose;
  • cotton;
  • fibres;
  • linters;
  • market;
  • processing


Summary: Cellulose in fibrous or in chemically modified form plays a relevant part in products for industrial applications and in products which are used in human daily life. Besides wood, cotton is an important natural source for cellulose. Linters are a by-product of the oil mills. The position of the linters in the technology of cotton is explained. In linters bleaching plant, the raw linters are purified mechanically and chemically. The principle of this process is shown. The resulting bleached linters (cotton linters pulp, CLP/cotton linters cellulose, CLC) have an alpha-cellulose content of about 99%. Due to their purity and to their properties, the cotton linters pulp is the cellulosic basis for a large number of special and niche products in the paper and chemical industry.