Preparation and Thermal Characterization of PTFE/PES Nanocomposites



Summary: PTFE/PES composites were prepared by precipitation of Radel A® into a PTFE latex containing nanoparticles with average diameters of 48 nm and spherical shape. Several samples were prepared by varying the relative ratio between the Radel A® and PTFE content. The combination of SEM and AFM analysis indicates that the precipitation of Radel A in the presence of PTFE leads mainly, if not exclusively, to a bimodal mixture of the two homoparticles. The fractionated crystallization behaviour of these samples is revealing of the PTFE dispersion degree within the Radel A® matrix. When the PTFE amount is lower than 2%, a perfect PTFE nanoparticle dispersion is obtained. When the amount of PTFE is comprised between 5 and 30%, larger PTFE clusters are obtained that, after melting, coalesce and crystallize at higher temperatures depending on the crystallization propensity of their individual heterogeneous nuclei. Finally, in case of samples 40%, only one crystallization exotherm is observed at 310 °C indicating the formation of very large clusters that after melting coalesce into wide domains.