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Conductive Composites Based on Metallocene Isotactic Poly(propylene): Preparation and Properties



Summary: The research deals with the preparation and the further comprehensive characterization of metallocene polypropylene-based composite materials by incorporation of carbon black nanoparticles. Composites containing up to 10 wt% of carbon black were prepared by direct melt mixing in a single screw extruder Brabender Extrusiograph type 30/25D with attached static mixer at melt temperature of 200 °C and a screw speed of 30 rpm, according to a two-step process. Some composites were treated with 3 wt% maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene (MAH-PP). The rheological behaviour of the miPP nanocomposites was determined by cone/plate rheological measurements at 180 °C. The composites were characterized by SEM for morphological details and uniaxial stress-strain measurements for determining the mechanical parameters. Electric conductivity of injection molded plates from these composites was investigated. The different miPPs studied are ranked in an ascending order according to their increasing molecular weight concerning the magnitude of their rheological parameters. The maleic anhydride compatibilizer leads to lower viscosity values even at high shear gradients and to better homogenization of the nanofiller in the polymer matrix. The processing conditions, carbon black concentration and viscosity of the virgin polymer have an impact on the final conductivity of the miPP/carbon black composites.