Crystallization Elution Fractionation of LLDPEs Made with Metallocene Catalysts



Summary: Temperature rising elution fractionation (TREF) and crystallization analysis fractionation (CRYSTAF) fractionate semicrystalline polymers according to their crystallizabilities from dilute solution and have been widely used to measure the CCD of LLDPE. A new fractionation technique, known as crystallization elution fractionation (CEF), has been developed recently. The main difference between CEF and TREF and CRYSTAF is that the crystallization cycle in CEF is performed dynamically under solvent flow in a long column that contains an inert support material. In this paper, several metallocene-LLDPE resins have been analyzed by CEF to investigate the effect of cooling cycle parameters, comonomer fraction, polymer molecular weight, and blend cocrystallization on the fractionation. This new technique can be used to obtain CCDs with better resolution and in shorter times than TREF and CRYSTAF.