• amphoteric cryogels;
  • catalysis;
  • macroporous polymers;
  • metal-polymer complexes;
  • swelling


A series of macroporous amphoteric cryogels based on allylamine, methacrylic acid and acrylamide were synthesized by radical copolymerization of monomers in cryoconditions. The average molar composition of amphoteric cryogels was found from the potentiometric and conductimetric titration curves. The morphology of cryogels was evaluated by SEM. Cryogels are highly elastic and have continuous macroporous structure with 50–200 µm pores. The values of the isoelectric pH determined from the swelling experiments arranged between 3.5 and 4.3. Complexation of amphoteric with transition metal ions was studied. Cryogels with adsorbed copper, nickel, or cobalt ions have an intense colour due to formation of coordination and ionic bonds between metal ions and amine and/or carboxylic groups of cryogels. Metal ions entrapped within the pores of cryogels were reduced by treating aqueous solution of NaBH4. Formation of micron sized metals on the inner surface of cryogels was observed by SEM.