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The Role of Solvent Ligated Metal Complexes Associated with Weakly Coordinating Counteranions (WCAs) in Isobutylene Polymerization



Summary: Polyisobutylene is an industrially important polymer which is conventionally prepared by polymerization at temperatures below 0 °C. The application of solvent ligated metal complexes associated with weakly coordinating counteranions (WCAs), however, allows the room temperature (30 °C) polymerization of isobutylene resulting in highly reactive polyisobutylene (HR-PIB) containing a high content of terminal double bonds. Recently described complexes include manganese (II), copper(II), molybdenum(III) and zink(II) complexes which were coordinated octahedrally with the boron and alumina based WCAs, each with its own advantages and traits.