Advances in Organic All-Optical Photorefractive Materials



Organic all-optical photorefractive (PR) materials will soon become an interesting topic owing to the convenient signal-writing without the application of external electrical field and poling, even without any photosensitizer. In this paper, organic all-optical PR materials synthesized in our laboratory have been systematically summarized including organic monolithic PR molecular glasses with a linear or hyperbranched chemical structure such as organic carbazole/triphenylamine-based amorphous compounds, and PR polymers with a non-conjugated main chain (NCMC) such as polymethacrylates, polyphosphazenes and polynorbornenes. Much progress has been made not only in the synthesis strategy of organic all-optical materials but also in understanding the primary mechanism of all-optical PR effect in organic materials. It is believed that the outcoming of organic all-optical PR materials will broaden the application fields of organic PR materials.