Indusrtial and Commercial Applications of Used Defense Technical Textiles Polymer Product Recycling



Summary: The global market for technical textiles is rising as never before. Although US and EU continue to be major manufacturers and consumers of technical textiles, the Asian countries like China and India have recently emerged as chief production centers of technical textiles. In the year 2000, the world market for technical textiles was estimated to have value of US $ 93 billion, which has already crossed US$126 billion in 2010. Also in last five years, the textiles disposed of in landfill sites have raised from 7% to 30% in US alone. Soon the technical textile will have similar story all over the world because this being very strong, durable and versatile material and hence, will not degrade or destroy easily in the nature. With increase of its demand and consumption, the problem for its disposal will also increase many fold. The technical textiles are grouped in 12 main categories. Out of it, Protech (personal and property protection) textile, broadly refers to “Defense Textile” has been given special reference in this paper. Experiments have shown that the major properties of these textiles do no deteriorate much even after its main use for years. Finally ways and means for innovative, added-value applications for recycled defense textiles and making desirable products out of recycled post-consumer materials are explained in this paper.