• clay;
  • mechanical properties;
  • morphology;
  • polyamides;
  • poly(propylene)


Summary: Polyamide (PA6) and poly(propylene) (PP) blends offer a good opportunity for the development of materials with new properties when they are made compatible, because they combine the thermomechanical properties of the PA6 and the easy processing of poly(propylene).1–5 Moreover, in recent years has successfully managed to synthesize various types of composites based on clay with a polymer matrix. The aim of this work has been the incorporation of the clay in PA and PP blends to study the effect of its incorporation to establish a correlation between the morphology of the blends with the thermal and mechanical properties. To improve the incompatibility between the PA and the PP has been necessary to introduce a graft poly(propylene) – maleic anhydride compatibilizer (PP-g-AM).6–8 In addition we have studied the incorporation of recycled PP in the system and the results were similar to those obtained with non-recycled poly(propylene).