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Tribological Performance of Polyetheretherketone and its Composites under Water Environment


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In this study, the influence of lubrication on the friction and wear performance of pure polyetheretherketone (PEEK), 30 wt.-% carbon fiber and 30 wt.-% glass fibers reinforced PEEK composite is investigated. The sliding experiments were carried out on a polymer pin-on- a steel disc arrangement. Wear tests were resumed at room temperature under 50 to 200N loads and at 0.40 and 1.2 m/s sliding speed. The results show the large influence of water lubricant on the tribological performance of PEEK and PEEK composites. Furthermore, the coefficient of friction for PEEK increases by the increase in applied load value but this influence is not significant for PEEK composites. Generally, for the range of load and speed values for this study, the coefficient of friction using water lubricant registered lower values than that of the dry condition. Finally, the specific wear rates for PEEK + 30 wt%CF and PEEK + 30 wt%GFR composite under water lubricated conditions are all mostly in the order of 10−15 m2/N.