• calculations;
  • monomer conversion;
  • radical concentration;
  • radical polymerization;
  • reversible addition-fragmentation transfer polymerization


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Calculated concentration profiles (points: numerical, lines: analytical) of propagating radical R, adduct radical A, dormant T, and dead D (= P + P′) chains.

Simple expressions are derived for the development of monomer conversion, as well as propagating radical, adduct radical, dormant chain, and dead chain concentrations in reverse addition-fragmentation transfer polymerization (RAFT). The relations for the profiles of propagating radical concentration and conversion versus time are derived and depend on group parameters of rate constants and chemical recipe. The analytical equations are verified against numerical solutions of the mass-balance differential equations. This derivation involves the steady-state hypothesis for radical and RAFT agent concentrations. The errors introduced by these assumptions are negligible when the fragmentation rate constant, kf, is higher than 10 s−1 or when the cross-termination rate constant, kct, is higher than 105 L · mol−1 s−1.