mbo3120-sup-0001-TableS1.docxWord document16KTable S1: Primers used in this study.
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Figure S1: Southern blot analysis of HM26 (ΔpyrE2).

Figure S2: Comparison of Hfx. mediterranei wild-type (R4) and HM26 strains phenotype.

Figure S3: Southern blot analysis of glnK deletion strains.

Figure S4: Southern Blot analysis of the flag:amt knockin strains.

Figure S5: Hfx. mediterranei Amt topology predictions.

Figure S6: Membrane fraction purity control of IP samples.

Figure S7: Anti-GlnK immunoblot of HM26 and HM26-F3 membrane fractions.

Figure S8: Membrane fraction purity control of the reversibility assay samples.

Figure S9: Alignment of Hfx. mediterranei amt genes showing the primers used in the RT-PCR analyses.

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