A video accompanying this article is available in the supporting information here.

Video Segment 1. Video of the proband, family member II.2. This video shows prominent axial as well as upper- and lower-limb myoclonic jerks at rest and on posture holding, with evidence of left laterocollis and truncal dystonic posturing.

mdc312022-sup-0002-VideoS-1.docxWord document14787K 
mdc312022-sup-0003-VideoS2.m4vvideo/x-m4v8631KVideo Segment 2. Video of the proband, family member II.2. This video shows a dystonic gait with posturing particularly of the left lower limb, as well as upper-limb myoclonic jerks.
mdc312022-sup-0004-VideoS-2.docxWord document8631K 
mdc312022-sup-0005-VideoS3.m4vvideo/x-m4v11725KVideo Segment 3. Video of family member II.3. This video shows evidence of marked myoclonic jerks affecting the head and neck, exacerbated by writing.
mdc312022-sup-0006-VideoS-3.docxWord document11725K 

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