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Video. Segment 1: Examination on admission in off- and on-medication states. In the off state, the patient exhibited rest/postural tremor, rigidity, and brady-/hypokinesia of the left limbs, greater in the arm, with no axial signs. A hemiparkinsonian gait, with no arm swinging, was accompanied by a limp (from a slight shortening of his left leg after hip replacement 2 years earlier). In the on state, all parkinsonian symptoms improved, but severe choreodystonic dyskinesia appeared in the left limbs. Segment 2: Examination during surgery in the off-medication state: (1) off-stimulation; (2) on-stimulation; and (3) reappearance of parkinsonian symptoms within ~15 seconds after switching-off stimulation. Segment 3: Examination 2 years after surgery (medication withdrawal; on-stimulation).

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