• Parkinson's disease;
  • pallidotomy;
  • thalamotomy;
  • deep brain stimulation


Articles on surgery for Parkinson's disease (PD), published between 1966 and 2001, were reviewed with respect to whether the first author had a neurosurgical affiliation, and whether the papers appeared in neurosurgical or non-neurosurgical journals. Between 1966 and 1979, neurosurgeons and non-neurosurgeons published almost equally on surgery for PD in both neurosurgical and non-neurosurgical journals; between 1980 and 1995, the majority of publications were by neurosurgeons in neurosurgical journals; and after 1995, non-neurosurgeons were more often first authors of surgical publications and these were more frequent in non-neurosurgical journals. The fact that the first author of surgical publications on PD is often a non-neurosurgeon may have some bearing on the reported results of surgery. © 2003 Movement Disorder Society