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jws-mds.20559.mpg13604K Segment 1: Patient at approx. 12 years of age. Myopathic facies with bilateral ptosis, difficulty with eyelid opening and facial hypomimia. Intermittent tongue tremor and postural tremor of the hands. Segment 2: Patient at approx. 18 years of age. Reduced arm swing when walking, asymmetrical impairment of fine finger movements (left worse than right). Bilateral ptosis. Segment 3: Patient in her early 20?s. Impairment mobility requiring a walker to move safely. Lower limb dystonia is present. Retrocollis and facial dystonia. Severe postural instability with spontaneous loss of balance. This video presentation has been abbreviated. The full version will appear on theMovementDisorders DVD Supplement, which is issued bi-annually.

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