In our abstract P165 on Mortality and Tardive Dyskinesia, we stated that the leading cause of death in patients taking atypical antipsychotics was infectious disease, with an odds ratio of 6.13, whereas the leading cause of death in those taking conventional antipsychotics was myocardial infarction, with an odds ratio of 6.13. After publication, we found a coding error in the causes of death that invalidates these data. We regret the error, but note that the decrease in survival time with the development of tardive dyskinesia remains valid, as does the stronger effect loss of survival time in those taking conventional antipsychotics.

Response From the Editors

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We have published this letter to correct an error, but also to emphasize to all colleagues submitting abstracts to the Movement Disorder Society that it is essential to validate data and conclusions before submitting materials that will be published in this journal. As editors, we prioritize transmitting accurate information, and we emphasize that Movement Disorders cannot become a regular template for correcting oversights or inadvertent mistakes that should have been caught before submission. It is our hope that this example will serve as a reminder of the need for careful review of data before materials are submitted, so that incorrect conclusions are not printed and, thereafter, have to be retracted.

Guenther Deuschl, MD

Christopher Goetz, MD