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jws-mds.20805.vid1.mpg13196K Segment 1. Highlights of our clinical examination before treatment benefit was experienced by the patient. There is hypophonic speech dysfunction; mild slowness of finger tapping on the right, mild to moderate on the left; and moderate involvement of hand grip bilaterally. There was good performance of foot tapping on the right, but mildly slow on the left. There is no evidence of involuntary toe movements. Segment 2. Overall improvement of the patient with zinc acetate therapy. However, involuntary movements of the toes of both feet are present. The toe movements appeared during rest and are continuous. Segment 3. The disappearance of the involuntary toe movements several months later. The video was recorded 7 months after moving toes symptom onset. This video presentation has been abbreviated. The full version will appear on theMovementDisorders DVD Supplement, which is issued bi-annually.

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