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jws-mds.20901.mpg13736K Segment 1. Six days afterL -dopa administration (200 mg tid, or 600 mg/day), the patient showed severe parkinsonian features, including bradykinesia, tremor, postural impairment, and rigidity. In addition, she had Parinaud's syndrome. Segment 2. One month afterL -dopa administration (350 mg tid, or 1,050 mg/day), the patient showed a dramatic improvement in her parkinsonian features, including the ability to walk with assistance. Segment 3. Nine months afterL -dopa administration (50 mg tid, or 150 mg/day), the patient showed an almost total disappearance of her parkinsonian features. Although her daily dose of levodopa had been reduced, the patient could perform activities of daily living without any help.

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