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Restless legs syndrome and polyneuropathy



Restless legs syndrome (RLS), diagnosed according to the International RLS Study Group criteria, was investigated in 97 consecutive patients with polyneuropathy and found in 29 patients. RLS patients were more often women (22 of 29 vs. 33 of 68; P = 0.015), mainly with sensory neuropathy of small fiber type (15 of 29 vs. 16 of 68; P = 0.009). Changes of sensory action potentials were significantly less severe in RLS patients. In the RLS group, acquired neuropathies, and in particular dysimmune neuropathies, were significantly more frequent (27/29 vs. 46/68; P = 0.009). Thus, RLS is frequent in acquired polyneuropathy of sensory type and mild entity, mainly in women. © 2006 Movement Disorder Society