As part of the Movement Disorder Society's overall education mission, we are pleased to initiate a CME program in Movement Disorders. Starting with the current issue, we plan to offer one CME article with each issue that is accompanied by a series of questions that can be completed and submitted to the MDS for credit. Working with the Education Committee, chaired by Cynthia Comella, we have recruited Kelly Lyons as the journal CME Subcommittee chair, and her group is composed of four colleagues: Steven Lewis and Per Odin, who have a rich experience with CME issues, and two of our current Editorial Board members, Nico Diederich and Oscar Gershanik, who also will serve as primary representatives of the journal itself. As Editors, we will select the articles and approve the questions, leaving the writing and format issues to Dr. Lyons and colleagues. In making our choices, we will select from all journal articles, but our primary focus will be on the Reviews, both clinical and basic science. Although the CME process has been modeled most closely on North American and European models, our international membership for the committee is charged with the responsibility of developing the program to meet criteria that are applicable to other nations. Ideas from readers to improve this program and enhance its applicability to other national CME programs are welcome. The instructions for processing CME credits are printed on the CME sheet after the article, and if there are questions or concerns the contact person at the MDS office is Mr. Bart Griepentrog at We consider this new program an exciting innovation for our journal and welcome reader comments on its utility. We will chart the progress of this program primarily by the number of readers who participate, so we encourage a strong and active response.