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jws-mds.21308.mpg13552KForelimb abnormal motor behavior following bilateral lesion assessed by a modified version of the stepping test and improvement of performance during L-dopa treatment:Segment 1. Stepping test performed by a sham-lesioned rat (6th day of L-dopa treatment).Segment 2. Stepping test performed by a rat with bilateral partial lesion (before L-dopa treatment).Segment 3. Stepping test performed by the same lesioned-rat during L-dopa treatment (6th day of treatment).Bilateral dyskinesiasSegment 4. Rat with bilateral 6-OHDA lesion presenting bilateral forelimb dyskinesias with unilateral dystonia following 6 days of L-dopa treatment.Segment 5. Orolingual dyskinesias in a 6-OHDA-lesioned rat.Segment 6. Unilateral forelimb dyskinesias in a 6-OHDA-lesioned rat.

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