mds21326-MDS21326.mpg13775KSegment 1. This video was recorded on admission. The patient is in bed. Because of persistent involuntary eye movements, he had trouble shifting and holding the gaze. The movement abnormalities is more horizontal than multidirectional; the eyes are not darting. There is stimulus-sensitive myoclonus, and some myoclonus involving the head.Segment 2. This video recording was taken after the second chemotherapy. The patient is sitting, and there is titubation.Segment 3. This video recording was taken after completion of the chemotherapy. The patient is using a walker and is able to pull to stand.Segment 4. This video recording was taken during the first episode with affective/behavioral symptoms. Ocular flutter is shown on fixation of gaze. The patient is incessantly moving around in a circle in bed. This segment shows that he has to be spoon-fed by a staff member walking around his bed. The patient shouts for food.

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