• rapid-onset dystonia-Parkinsonism;
  • Irish kindred;
  • ATP1A3 mutation


The authors report a 7-year follow-up video study and molecular data on the Irish rapid-onset dystonia–Parkinsonism kindred. All affected patients tested had a missense mutation in the Na+/K+ -ATPase α3 subunit (ATP1A3), twice previously identified, suggestive of a mutation hotspot. Clinical presentation, progression, and outcome in this kindred is varied. Some patients remain stable over many years, others worsen, have a fluctuating course, or improve over time. To date there have been no effective treatments for this disorder, although Na+/K+ ATPase may be a future therapeutic target. The broad phenotypic spectrum of RDP described in the text and detailed in the video, should be considered when evaluating patients with dystonia. © 2007 Movement Disorder Society