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jws-mds.21387.mpg10000K Segment 1. Patient 1: 8 months post-operatively in medication OFF-/simulation ON-condition (stimulation parameters right electrode: Contact 1-/Case+; 3.5 V; 60 μs; 130 Hz; left electrode: Contact 1-/Case +; 3.0 V; 60 μs; 130 Hz). Dyskinetic and ballistic involuntary movements of the right leg and to less extent to the right arm and left leg. Some impairment in walking by uncontrollable dyskinesias of the right foot. Segment 2. Patient 1: 30 minutes following additional activation of the most proximal contact of the left electrode (stimulation parameters left electrode: Contact 1-3-/Case +; 3.0 V; 60 μs; 130 Hz). Decrease of dyskinesia in the right leg. Still dyskinetic involuntary movements in the right foot when walking. Segment 3. Patient 1: 3 months following chronic simultaneous stimulation of contact 1 and 3 of the left electrode. Assessment in the medication OFF-/Stimulation ON-condition with persistent amelioration of dyskinesias in the right leg. This video presentation has been abbreviated. The full version will appear on theMovement DisordersDVD Supplement, which is issued bi-annually. Segments 1-3 are shown for on-line early view, however the full video clip will contain 9 segments.

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