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An open trial of levetiracetam for segmental and generalized dystonia



Local botulinum toxin injections represent the treatment of choice for most patients with focal dystonia. However, patients with segmental or generalized forms require additional pharmacologic treatment which is often ineffective or limited by intolerable side-effects. An animal study and three case reports suggested antidystonic effects of levetiracetam, a pyrrolidone derivate, whereas a recent open-label study found no improvement in 10 patients with primary idiopathic cervical dystonia. We studied the efficacy of levetiracetam in a daily dose of 3000 mg in 10 consecutive patients with otherwise therapy refractory segmental or generalized dystonia. At 4-week follow-up, none of the patients showed improvement of dystonia, mild side-effects were observed in 3 patients. © 2007 Movement Disorder Society

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