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A novel mutation of the ε-sarcoglycan gene in a Chinese family with myoclonus-dystonia syndrome



In a Chinese myoclonus-dystonia syndrome (MDS) family presented with a phenotype including a typical MDS, cervical dystonia, and writer's cramp, genetic analyses revealed a novel 662 + 1insG heterozygous mutation in exon 5 in the ε-sarcoglycan (SGCE) gene, leading to a frameshift with a down stream stop codon. Low SGCE mRNA levels were detected in the mutation carriers by real-time PCR, suggesting that the nonsense mutation might interference with the stability of SGCE mRNA. This is the first report on Chinese with a SGCE mutation leading to MDS. Our data support the fact that same mutation of SGCE gene can lead to a varied phenotype, even in the same family. © 2008 Movement Disorder Society