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22152.mpg12550KSegment 1. Preoperative: Severe generalized dystonia. Segment 2. Postoperative (7 days following surgery): Hyperkinetic involuntary movements decreased while sitting. Left foot deformity already mildly decreased. Segment 3. Postoperative (2 months following surgery): Marked reduction of involuntary movements. The patient was able to walk slowly and with little help. Left foot varus decreased again. Segment 4. Postoperative (6 months following surgery): The patient is able to swim. Segment 5. Postoperative (6 months following surgery): Movements and disability improved again. He is able to walk alone having only a moderate left foot dystonic posture, though he is obliged to limp. Segment 6. Postoperative (12 months following surgery): Marked disability improvement and functional benefit. The patient is able to ride a bicycle.

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