• entacapone;
  • levodopa;
  • absorption;
  • Parkinson's disease


Entacapone (EN) improves the efficacy of levodopa/dopadecarboxylase inhibitor (LD/DDI) formulations by inhibition of the enzyme catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT). COMT inhibition also promotes the synthesis of basic LD metabolites, whereas DDI support the composition of acidic LD derivatives. LD metabolism correlates to the one of 13C-sodium-octanoate, which is employed in breath tests to measure gastric emptying velocity. Objectives were to investigate the impact of COMT inhibition on the recovery rate of 13C-sodium-octanoate in parkinsonian patients, who received first 100 mg LD/Carbidopa (CD) and the next day 100 mg LD/CD/EN combined with 13C-sodium-octanoate in each case. The recovery rate of 13C-sodium-octanoate was significant higher during the LD/CD/EN–compared with the LD/CD condition. COMT inhibition combined with LD/DDI improves absorption of a co-administered salt probably due to a COMT inhibition induced basic environment in gastrointestinal membranes. This improves dissolution and absorption of acids and salts. Thus it may enhance absorption of LD itself. © 2008 Movement Disorder Society