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MDS_22618_sm_SuppFig1.jpg221KFindings believed "essential or absolutely necessary" for a clinically definite diagnosis of PMD.
MDS_22618_sm_SuppTable1.doc27KSupporting Table 1. Knowledge gaps and related research questions.
MDS_22618_sm_SuppTable2.doc172KSupporting Table 2. Movement Disorders Society Member Survey. Expert opinions and clinical practices related to patients with psychogenic movement disorders.
MDS_22618_sm_SuppTable3.doc31KSupporting Table 3. Limitations to being able to manage patients with PMD.
MDS_22618_sm_SuppTable4.doc74KSupporting Table 4. Open-ended responses ("Are there any other issues that you believe are important in the diagnosis and treatment of PMDs that have not been addressed?")

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