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MDS_23312_sm_suppinfotable1.doc58KSupplemental table 1 Individual pre- and postsurgical motor scores
MDS_23312_sm_suppinfotable2.doc41KSupplemental table 2 Group 1: Pre- and postsurgical UMRS Subscores
MDS_23312_sm_suppinfotable3.doc41KSupplemental table 3 Group 2: Target-related postsurgical UMRS Subscores
MDS_23312_sm_suppinfotable4.doc49KSupplemental table 4 Pre- and postsurgical quality of life, mood and cognition, group 1
MDS_23312_sm_suppinfotable5.doc56KSupplemental table 5 Effect of VIM- and GPi-DBS on cognition and current mental state, group 2
MDS_23312_sm_suppinfo.doc33KSupporting Information

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