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MDS_23357_sm_suppinfoFigure_S1.tif1192KSupporting Information Figure S1: Brain MRI Flair T2-weight sequences in HPHA patient (A-D): all the slices demonstrate the apparent absence of structural brain abnormalities.
Figure_S2.tif797KSupporting Information Figure S2: Vertical point-plots show distribution of all measured FA values of HPHA case (black circles) and healthy subjects (white circles) in substantia nigra (A), putamen (B), globus pallidus (C), caudate (D), thalamus (E), subthalamic nucleus (F), corticospinal tract in internal capsule (G) and in cerebral peduncle (H). In (I) we showed mean diffusivity values in basal ganglia and other brain areas measured in HPHA patient (black circles) and in control group subjects (white circles).
Methods.doc29KSupporting Methods

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