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MDS_23690_sm_SuppFig1.tif6774KSupporting Information Figure 1. Electro-Magnetic Midsagittal Articulograph (EMMA) System as used in this study.
MDS_23690_sm_SuppTable1.doc42KSupporting Information Table 1. Mean (SD) values for GROUP (Older control, Younger controls, Parkinson patients) by STIMULUS (water[H2O], thin apple juice [APP], thick apple juice [HON]) by RATE (DIScrete, SEQuential) by LOCATION (Tongue Body, Tongue Dorsum) for the discrete kinematic variables (amplitude and duration), separate for upward, downward, forward, and backward movements.
MDS_23690_sm_SuppTable2.doc81KSupporting Information Table 2. Main effects and significant interactions for STIMULUS (water[H2O], thin apple juice [APP], thick apple juice [HON]), RATE (DIScrete, SEQuential), and LOCATION (Tongue Body, Tongue Dorsum) for all dependent variables (amplitude, duration, & cyclic Spatio-Temporal Index [cSTI]), separate for movement direction (Upwards, Downwards, Forwards, Backwards). Cohen's f-values are also shown.

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