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999Supporting Information Figure. 1. Haplotype analysis of microsatellites flanking the PARK2 locus. (A) Estimated haplotype of 12 mapped microsatellites flanking the PARK2 locus. Haplotype phase was estimated by considering the peak amplitude and result of gene dosage analysis. (B) Representative example of semi-quantitative genotyping of D6S955. The father's genotype of D6S955 was estimated to be two copies of 155 and one copy of 159 by comparing the peak amplitude of allele 155 with allele 159 of the father. The mother's genotype was estimated to be 151 and deletion, because none of the mother's allele signals were detected in the patient. The patient's genotype was estimated to be 155 and 159 inherited from the father, and deletion from the mother.

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