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MDS_25087_sm_SuppInfo.doc57KSupporting Information
MDS_25087_sm_SuppFigS1.tif7365KSupporting Information Figure S1. Tri-Planar view in MIPAV. The cursor targets the left olfactory bulb.
MDS_25087_sm_SuppFigS2.tif13534KSupporting Information Figure S2. Manual segmentation of the olfactory bulb. The cursor targets the left olfactory bulb. By simultaneously using the multiplanar view, the olfactory bulb can be contoured manually.
MDS_25087_sm_SuppFigS3.tif11371KSupporting Information Figure S3. Definition of the length and height of the olfactory bulb. Based on the visualization of the three-dimensional olfactory bulb volume structure, orthogonal to the maximal sagittal vector, two vectors within the sagittal plane at ½ and ¾ lengths were constructed. These vectors need not necessarily be within the same sagittal plane as the length vector but should have maximal dimensions within the olfactory bulb.
MDS_25087_sm_SuppFigS4.tif9833KSupporting Information Figure S4. Preview of volumetric toolbox for the olfactory bulb. A screenshot of the volumetric toolbox for the olfactory bulb displaying basic features for handling the OB, ROIs, and volumetric measurements. After achieving the final status, the toolbox will be available at the following website:
MDS_25087_sm_SuppTab1.doc78KSupporting Information Table 1. Results of the volumetric measurements

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