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mds25339-sup-0001-suppinfo.doc31KSupplementary Figure 1. Overview of the results of the literature search for the terms “deep brain stimulation” and “secondary dystonia” or “cerebral palsy” and the different targets of deep brain surgery in 68 patients with cerebral palsy.
mds25339-sup-0002-suppinfo.tif291KSupplementary Figure 2. Mean percentage change ± standard error (SE) in the BFMDRS (y axis) at different time categories (0 to ≤6, >6 to ≤12, and >12 months; x axis). A: BFMDRS-M. B: BFMDRS-D.
mds25339-sup-0003-suppinfo.doc34KSupplementary Table 1
mds25339-sup-0004-suppinfo.doc60KSupplementary Table 2
mds25339-sup-0005-suppinfo.doc22KSupporting Information

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