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mds25660-sup-0001-suppinfo.TIF1284KSUPPLEMENTARY FIG. 1. Flow chart summarizing the sample used in this study. Twelve patients and 21 controls were recruited from our first study. Seven new PD patients were recruited for the on-road study. Controls were recruited through different local associations for older people; there was no difference on cognitive performances between the 12 PD patients from our first study and the 7 new PD patients.
mds25660-sup-0002-suppinfo.TIF2152KSUPPLEMENTARY FIG. 2. Error observation sheet for the driving task. During the driving test, the experimenter crossed out the number 1 when an action was not performed (example: the driver did not respect the signing). The experimenter could precise the driver's error (example: the driver did not respect the priority to the right). Failure to perform actions constituted 1 penalty point

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