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The pre-operative Computed Tomography (CT) scan of the brain (Axial view) of a 50-year-female shows a contrast enhancing lesion (measuring 5×5 cm) in the left sphenoid wing with effacement of the sulci and gyri. It also shows compression of the ipsilateral basal ganglia and midline shift (panels A,C). The post-operative CT scan shows complete excision of the lesion with significant reduction in the mass effect and a near normal midline (panels B,D).

This patient had presented with unilateral headache for the last 2 months and dystonic head tremor (Video 1) for one month. She also had complaints of slow gait, imbalance and resting tremor of the right hand since last one month. She underwent a left frontotemporoparietal craniotomy with complete excision of the tumor. Histopathological examination confirmed the tumor as a transitional meningioma. Post operatively, the headache was completely relieved. The dystonic head tremor increased in the 4th postoperative day and then gradually decreased with complete resolution in 3 weeks (Video 2). Three weeks after the surgery, the hand tremor also subsided completely.

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Video 1: Video showing the dystonic head tremor.

Video 2: Post-operative video showing a complete resolution of the dystonic head tremor.

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