Madopar HBS in fluctuating parkinsonian patients: Two-year treatment



In an open-label study, we substituted conventional levodopa plus benserazide: 100/25 (Madopar) with a controlled-release form (HBS) in 18 fluctuating parkinsonian patients for 24 months. Significantly positive results were obtained in both peak-dose and diphasic dyskinesias up to 12 months of treatment; morning akinesias were also improved up to 6 months. A general trend of deterioration, compared to the first 3–6 months of HBS treatment, was observed in “off” fluctuations after 1 year: akinesias due to a delayed response worsened after 1 year of treatment also when compared with the conventional treatment. Positive results were obtained with new HBS on standard Madopar-related psychiatric disorders.